Rhodes Old Town: Where Every Corner Tells a Story

Rhodes, located in the southern Aegean Sea, is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and captivating history. One of the most significant parts of the island’s past lies in its Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is filled with tales from centuries ago.

As soon as you step into Rhodes Old Town, you are transported back in time. The cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and stone walls give off an ancient aura that is hard to find anywhere else. Every corner of this charming town has a story to tell – one that will leave you mesmerized and wanting to know more.

One of the most iconic structures in Rhodes Old Town is the Palace of the Grand Master. Built-in 14th century by the Knights Hospitaller during their rule over Rhodes Island, this grand palace stands proudly at one end of Ippoton Street – one of the main streets that runs through the old town. The palace showcases Gothic design elements mixed with Ottoman touches – a reflection of Rhodes’ diverse past under various rulers.

Strolling through Ippoton Street will lead you to another fascinating landmark – The Clock Tower Square. This round piazza boasts an intricately designed clock tower built rhodesoldtown.gr by Suleiman II in 1852 during his reign over Rhodes Island. The square is full of cozy cafes and restaurants where you can sit back and enjoy your coffee while soaking up every bit of history surrounding you.

As you make your way through Mandraki Harbour towards St John’s Gate (another emblematic structure), take a moment to admire its beauty while gazing across at Turkey’s coastline just 20 kilometers away. According to legend, it was from this spot where Colossus – one of Seven Wonders of Ancient World – stood tall guarding Mandraki Harbor until it was destroyed by an earthquake around 226 BC.

No visit to Rhodes Old Town would be complete without exploring its famous Street of Knights. This cobblestone street, lined with old inns and impressive medieval architecture, was the main artery of communication during the Knights’ rule on the island. Walking down this street gives you a sense of nostalgia as if you are part of a real-life Game of Thrones scene.

The Old Town also has several museums that are worth visiting for history buffs. The Archaeological Museum showcases artifacts from Greek and Roman times while the Jewish Museum preserves Rhodes’ Jewish history dating back to 13th century. Make sure to stop by The Kallithea Springs or Ancient Kamiros to get a glimpse into ancient Greek life before ending your tour in Rhodes Old Town.

In conclusion, Rhodes Old Town is more than just ruins and buildings; it’s an open-air museum where time seems to stand still. Every corner tells a story that will leave you captivated and fascinated by this charming town’s rich past. So if you ever find yourself on this beautiful island, make sure to take a stroll through its historic streets – for it truly is an experience unlike any other.